Monday, December 17, 2018

Class 10

So this was the final class that we had.
We were the last group to present, which we were not planning on, but it is what its is.
The other presentations were done really well, everyone had a good bit to say, and some groups had different ways of presenting their work.
When It was our turn, we got ready to go to the area that Sandra had picked out for us, I had only been there once, and others had been there a couple times. It was fairly quiet, and there were a LOAD of cats running around the place. One of our group put it into the chat, and everyone in the class teleported there at the same time. Once we got there, everyone got stuck, because the game started to lag. The lady who "owned" the area, got quite upset with us, and was shouting a lot off harsh things, that I found rather amusing. I enjoyed it.
After this she kicked us all out, some people ended up in the class, or in the woods, I was left in the bottom of the sea with a couple of others.
After this, we all went back to the classroom where John informed us about the misunderstanding that had taken place. She also got in contact with John over the whole thing. This was also one of the only times I actually wanted to take pictures of what was happening.
After this whole ordeal we still had to finish our presentation, so we decided to just do it in the class. We had to give a link to the slideshow so that everyone could follow it, because our plan didn't go the way we wanted.
Despite the fact that we shortened it a lot, the first two people that went were a combined 10 minutes, along with the 10 minutes of the previous situation, we were 20 minutes in, and very late.
However, we finished strong enough, and we completed the class.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Class 9

This week the yellow group had a group chat over messenger.
We talked about how we would go over the presentation during class, and the order in which the people in out group would present. We called and went over the whole presentation.
I believe that the limit is supposed to be 5 minutes, but we were around 10, some peoples presentations were rather long, and one of the people in our group isn't great at English, so that took a bit longer than expected. Other than that, everything went really well, everyone has a vast amount of information, the only problem at this point is that we were over the time limit, which can be fixed by 
reducing the info presented, and try to compact the rest. We all did really well though.

So Sandra, of our group, has come up with the idea that we should present somewhere that is more eco friendly. We all thought this was a really good idea, as did John,  and it will put us apart from the rest of the class.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Class 8

This week we were supposed to have completed a reading of a document, but I was unable to find it.
Coming to class, I later found out that the link was broken, so it wasn't just me.
During class we talked about privacy, and about the actions and consequences that go along with all of it.
Earlier this week, our group had set up a slides document, in order for us to put our presentation together easier. Out of the group, I believe that Maeve, Grace and Jenna all want to be interior designers, and Jerome wants to be a graphic designer (I think). I want to be a tattoo artist, so I am going to base my presentation off of that, and how I can make it more eco friendly.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Class 7

  1. Write the seventh post: to your blog with an update on the progress (or lack thereof) your team is making with the group project.
So far, I have not been in much contact with my group, bar one person. This is mostly due to my lack of social media, but I hope to get that changed soon. My group have met up once, without me, because they couldn't reach me, and for the final presentation, they have decided to choose to present about the careers we would like in the future, and how we could make those jobs more eco friendly.
This isn't exactly something I would have chosen, but I was not there, so I don't get a say haha. 
The girl I have been in contact with is someone I have previously worked with before, and she is letting me know what is going ahead with the group, and what we are going to do.
I have been asked recently if I will set up a messenger account, in order to talk to the rest of then group, so I'll get that done soon.

As for second life, I haven't spent much time on it, unless I am required to, it kind of weirds me out seeing how seriously some people take it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Class 6

This week during class we talked about online identity and the consequences of what could happen over an online situation, or even a misunderstanding. I don't use social media much, the only thing that I do use is Instagram, and most of the people that I follow are self employed artists that make clothing, or prints. And because of the online Identity that they have, they are able to post whatever they want (within reason) and get away with it, as well as selling vulgar t shirts
or sweaters. But if someone with a more professional background were to act the same way, they could very possibly lose their job.

Depending on the job you want, and the experience e that you have, some options
may be easier then others. For instance, as a dentist, it would be more difficult to gain an online following, rather than someone that sells art, or gifts.  So finding a niche on the internet would be a safer option.
Another thing that may be difficult in making a name for yourself professionally online, is that you can control what you pout out there, and they type of persona you want to portray, but you cannot control how people perceive you.\So even with a good intent, things could get muddled.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

I haven't been posting about  second life in a while, for two reasons.
One, because I genuinely forgot about it, and two because I have been super busy with other college work and outside life.
To date, as far as I am aware our group has not met up yet. This is due to conflicting schedules as well as not knowing each other outside of the class.
I was on second life a little bit ago, just to familiarise myself with everything again.
I went to a couple different places quickly, but because of the time difference (I think)
there was not many people on.

Second Life

Last week we were put into groups by our lecturer, I was in the yellow group.
We were supposed to meet up I guess, but to be completely honest I haven't even really tried.
I was super busy last week with a brief, and to add to that, I don't really use social media, or know any of these people in real life, so getting in contact with them,  was not the easiest thing to do.
Maybe we'll work something out this week. 
I also have the elevator pitch, and I need to think of something that I want to share with the class.